In Loving Memory of

Marianne Phillips

We lost a long time member of our Alder family on January 5th. Marianne Phillips was a dedicated member of the High School kitchen staff for more than 30 years. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Marianne's family, friends and all of those that she touched with her kindness and caring spirit.  


Did you know.......


The Auto-Replenish Feature offered through My Payments Plus will be disabled starting May 22, 2015.  The feature will be turned back on August 17, 2015.  This is to allow us to refund accounts to students who are graduating.  

Your student's cafeteria account has two options:

Meal Only (allows student to purchase full breakfast or full lunch ONLY)

General (allows student to purchase meals, milk and any extra item offered).


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Elementary and Middle School
Lunch Menu


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Junior High School
Lunch Menu


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High School
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Breakfast Menus

PreK-6th Grade

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Meal Details


Those students who qualify for either free or reduce priced meals may now receive their breakfast at no charge.
Cost for all other breakfasts is $1.50 


Here's one example of our "Grab and Go" breakfast available at both the Junior High School and Canaan Middle School.  (includes milk and juice or fruit)

Breakfast is not served on those days that the district is under a one or two-hour delay.

Lunch Cost 
Elementary and Middle School students:  $2.75

Junior High and High School students:  $3.00

Reduce priced lunch all students:  $0.40