Please call or e-mail the buildings to schedule an appointment for registering your child.  Please e-mail both the secretary and the principal for planning purposes and include your childs name and grade level.  

Plain City Elementary - Pat Webb Secretary pat.webb@japioneers.org and Carla Konkus Secretary carla.konkus@japioneers.org  

Kelly Hicks, Principal kelly.hicks@japioneers.org 614-873-4608

Kindergarten Registration April 27 & 28. Please contact us for an apt.

Monroe Elementary - Linda Thompson, Secretary linda.thompson@japioneers.org and

Leah Ann Childers, Principal leahann.childers@japioneers.org 740-857-1711

Kindergarten Registration April 28 & 29. Please contact us for an apt.

Canaan Middle School - Summer Sowards, Secretary summer.sowards@japioneers.org and

Matt Keller, Principal matt.keller@japioneers.org 614-733-3975

JA Junior High - Doreen Unger, Secretary doreen.unger@japioneers.org and Clint Hayes, Principal clint.hayes@japioneers.org 614-873-4635

Jonathan Alder High School - Lisa Puckett, Secretary lisa.puckett@japioneers.org and

Michael Aurin, Principal michael.aurin@japioneers.org 614-873-4642

Preschool Enrollment & Questions - Denise English, Secretary denise.english@japioneers.org 614-873-8617

You will need the following items to register your child:

Birth Certificate

Social Security Number

Shot Records/ Physical Form (see link below)

Proof of Residency (examples: signed lease, cable bill, landline telephone bill, tax statement)

Most Recent Court Documents and Custody Papers

Parental Identification, with picture

Previous School's information

Print out and fill in these forms and bring them to your appointment.

Shot Record/ Physical Form   Download
This is to be filled out and signed by your child's physician.
Enrollment Form   Download    Spanish Version
One is needed for each student registering.
Emergency Form   Download   Spanish Version
One is needed for each student registering.
Residency Affidavit
If you are living with someone that resides in the JALS District you need to have their verification and proof of residency to enroll.


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