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Staying in touch with parents is an important part of our responsibilities as educators. Feedback from parents and community members help us set priorities for our work and create a standard of expectations for our school system. Since the Spring of 2000, the district has surveyed our parents, students and staff and collected feedback regarding Jonathan Alder Schools. In our most recent Satisfaction Survey (Spring of 2013) we had an overwhelming number of surveys returned with 2,734 respondents - the most ever!  

People are interested in Jonathan Alder - community members care about our district and are committed to assisting us in improving on our performance.

We are proud of the areas where we earned high rankings and are pleased that we are doing well in:   

1) Student learning is a very high priority in our school (Student Learning)

2) Our school(s) are a safe place for staff and students (Environment)

3) Teachers come to class prepared to instruct (Student Learning)

4) I am proud of my school (Environment)

5) There are high expectations for students here (Mission)

6) The school buildings are in good condition and meet my needs (Environment)

Our survey data helped us to identify opportunities for improvement:

1) Better utilization of our District website to communicate calendars, upcoming events and schedule changes - keep current and up-to-date.

2)  More links and information on how parents can help their children with schoolwork.

3)  Provide more access to technology, technology integration in the classroom and wireless connectivity in all buildings.

4)  More frequent and relevant communication.


For more specific details regarding district survey data:

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for District Satisfaction Survey Summary

Click here for graphs displaying survey data.


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