SOS - Signs of Suicide will be implemented in October and November for 6th, 8th, and 10th grade students.  Parent letters with more information will be sent home.  If you have questions, please contact JoLynn Wheatley, Student Support Specialist at 614-873-8617 ext. 8324.  

SOS is a nationally recognized suicide prevention program that:
• Decreases suicide attempts by students
• Increases the ability of participants to identify signs and symptoms of depression and suicide and to respond in a way that keeps students safe
• Encourages students to seek help for themselves or a friend and increases a sense of hope
The SOS program teaches students that suicide is preventable by promoting the ACT® message. When anyone notices warning signs of depression or suicide, they should take the following actions:
• Acknowledge there is a serious concern
• Care: Show the person they Care
• Tell a trusted adult

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