Jonathan Alder Local Schools is always seeking ways to improve the various services that we make available to our students and families.  One of our primary efforts is to learn how we can best support students not only with their academic needs, but also on a social-emotional level.  In order to learn more about the student experience at Jonathan Alder, we will be seeking students’ opinions via an online needs assessment/survey that will be completed by 3rd-11th grade students during school time.  We expect the survey to take approximately ten to fifteen minutes to complete.  

Per Board Policy 2416, parents have the right to inspect any survey or evaluation created by a third party before it is administered to their child.  You can view the Panorama Survey via the links below.  You can also view a Columbus Dispatch article about the social emotional efforts of area schools here.

It is our goal to help students learn more about themselves and how they learn best by completing this process. The information that is collected in the questionnaires will be for informational purposes only, and will not be used in any other way by staff members or other teachers at the school.  If you would like your child to opt out of taking the survey, please contact your building principal by February 15, 2019.  


 3rd-5th Grade Student Competency Measures Survey

6th-11th Grade Student Competency Measures Survey

3rd-5th Grade Student Supports & Environment Survey

6th-11th Grade Student Supports & Environment Survey 

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