Welcome to Jonathan Alder Junior High School

Congratulations!  Jonathan Alder Junior High School is honored to have been awarded a 2014 SOAR Award for High Progress!  To be a recipient of a 2014 SOAR Award for high progress, Jonathan Alder Junior High was among the top participating SOAR schools, based on the 2014 annual school composite analysis.

Congratulations and special thanks to the JAJH students, parents, teachers and community members for your continued support in helping achieve gains with our students each and every day.

Please see important dates below...


Schedule pick up days will be August 12th from 8:00a - 2:00p, August 13 8:00a - 8:00p and August 14th 8:00a - 2:00p.  If you are not available during those days or times, schedules will be available during office hours after the 13th or in your students homeroom the first day of school.


Open House will be August 17th from 7:00p - 8:00p.  You can bring your supplies as you will have your locker assignments. We look forward to seeing you:)

Volleyball Update - 7th grade try-outs will be 5-7p and 8th grade 7-8:30p both nights. *Bring running shoes for Monday*
*Athletes will be rated on passing, serve receive, hitting, serving, and of course attitude, effort, and teamwork skills. Athletes will receive their scores at the end of try-outs day two. 
**At the end of Tuesday's try-outs, the athletes will be handed an envelope, that should be opened OUTSIDE in the car or at home, that will tell them if they made the team or not. IF they do make the team, a schedule will be included in the envelope. Please note, a parent meeting will be held Wednesday Aug. 5th at 7:30 in the junior high cafeteria for all the athletes who do make the team. 
ONE more important item: After checking in all the physical forms, the coach is still missing several from many athletes. Every athlete must have a current physical or they CANNOT try-out. Make sure to bring the physical Monday!!!

One dose of TDAP (tetanus, diphtheria, and acelluar perussis, adolescent and adult formulation) or TD (tetanus, and diphtheria, adult) vaccine was required prior to entry into Seventh grade. This dose is intended to be administered as booster dose for those students who have completed the required doses of the initial series of the Dtap/DT/Td vaccine. If your child already meets this requirement, please send the date and record in as soon as possible. This booster must be given by the first day of seventh grade or your child could be excluded from school. Please check with your physician or the local health department (740- 852-3065) to verify your child’s immunization status or to schedule an appointment for the booster. Thank you so much for your cooperation. Any questions or concerns may be addressed to me the District Nurse, 


Classes resume August 19th.  Fall sports photos will take place August 28th at 2:30.  Fall School Photos will be September 2. You can find the 2015-16 academic calendar on the distric home page.  See 'ya real soon!



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