Clubs & Class Information

Jonathan Alder High School Activities

There are a variety of after school activities available for students at Jonathan Alder. Students involved in these types of activities are usually more successful in their schoolwork. We encourage students to join any of these groups that interest them.
Group/Activity Advisor
 Senior Class
 Lorson, Mark
 Carpenter, Matt
 Junior Class
Schrewe, Laine 
Tinberg, Stephanie
 Sophomore Class  Schludecker, Maren
 Freshmen Class  Loy, Kristi
 Art Club  Moore, Jennifer
 Fall Play  Tinberg, Stephanie
 French Club  Glatz, John
 Musical  Mayes, Nicholas
 Newspaper - The Pioneer Press  Dincher, Megan
 National Honor Society  Dollinger, Lindsay
 Quick Recall  Lorson, Mark
 Science Club  Calland, Jen
 Spanish Club Dollinger, Lindsay 
 Student Council
 Lorenz, Nicole
 Yearbook  Lorenz, Nicole
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