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Erica Detweiler

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(740) 837-0314

Erica Detweiler grew up in southeast Pennsylvania, attending Kutztown University where she majored in special education.  After marrying her husband Max, she moved to his hometown of Plain City in 2000.  She and her family of five reside on the same family farm he grew up on. They raise hogs and organic grain on the same land the Detweiler family has been working since 1904.

Erica’s focus has been raising her three children in the Jonathan Alder school district. She has helped out in the classrooms throughout their school careers. She loves to serve! Helping out with all kinds of events and activities, she has found herself in many roles as an extra hand for our teachers. As her children have gotten older their passions have become hers, focusing on both JA sports and music programs.  

Her passion for service is what led her to the JA School Board. She wants to build on the legacy that Jonathan Alder Schools have. She wants to make sure that each student’s needs are met on an individual level, and that most important, they believe in themselves, and feel their true value as human beings.