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General Meal Information

General Meal Information

Meals Offered:

All buildings in the district offer both breakfast and lunch to students.  Menus are posted on the website.  We do ask that you understand menu offerings are subject to change based on product availability.   Every attempt is made to notify students when the menu does change.   

Breakfast will not be served on those days where the district is under a one or two hour delay.


Milk Substitution for Children with Medical or Special Dietary Needs (non-disability) - Click the link below for NSLP 12-09 Policy Flow Chart.  Please email [email protected] or call (614) 873-4635 ext. 8431 for special accomodations.  


Debit System:

Jonathan Alder Local School District utilizes a debit system designed by Horizon Software International at all buildings.   This system requires students to input their student ID number into a pin pad. Once the student account is accessed by the cafeteria cashier, purchases are deducted from the student's lunch account.  This debit system also allows parents the opportunity to monitor student purchases online.  With the added feature of MyPaymentsPlus, you may also add money to your student's lunch account as well as pay school fees.     

Registration is simple.  All you need is your child's student ID number.  You may obtain this number by contacting the school secretary or food service director.  When registering with MyPaymentsPlus, you will be asked to enter your child's ID number.  Please add zero's to the front of the ID number to make a total of nine digits.  For example, if the student ID number is "12345" you will enter "000012345". 

Please visit to register for this service or for more information.


The Elementary and Middle Schools will allow students to charge up to two meals.   When a meal is charged, the cashier will either tell the student they need to bring money the next day or they will send a note home for the parent.  After a student has charged twice and no money has been sent in, the student will be offered a cheese or peanut butter sandwich and milk.  This is a courtesy meal provided by the cafeteria, but can only be used for limited time. 

When sending money to take care of a negative balance, please also remember to send money for the next meal as well.  Keeping track of your child’s balance through is a perfect way to keep your child from having to deal with this as they go through the lunch line.  

Younger students, especially, don’t understand when they are told they can’t get a meal because there is no money in their account.  This is also difficult for the kitchen staff.  If you need assistance with your child's school meals, please keep in mind that you may apply for free or reduce priced meals at any time during the school year.  

If you have any questions regarding school meals, please contact Rebecca Rings at (614) 873-4635 ext. 8431 or [email protected].