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Juniors Should Know...

As a Junior, you should:
  • Bookmark and answer the SAT question of the day daily. It will only take a minute and is a valuable tool.
  • Sign up for the PSAT/NMSQT test.  It's given in October.  This is the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test.
  • Continue to explore careers in Naviance and online.
  • Begin to explore colleges. A college search can be done in Naviance. 
  • Take the ACT test (at least twice) and  you can take SAT test (if you are planning to go out of state). Registration is online.  Research says the longer you wait your junior year, the more success you will have on the test(s). We advise you to take the test(s) in the spring/summer of your junior year and repeat the test if you need to or want to in the  fall of your senior year. The ACT test is given at Jonathan Alder High School inSeptember,  October, February April and June. The SAT is given at various high schools in the area. The difference in the tests is: ACT consists of four smaller tests, multiple choice, vocabulary less important, science reasoning test, math includes some trigonometry, English grammar is tested, and there is no guessing penalty. SAT has no science or trigonometry, vocabulary is emphasized, other types of questions along with multiple choice, no English grammar is tested, and there is a guessing penalty. Interested in a prep class? Classes are given before the October, February and April ACT tests. Check in the guidance office for information on these classes.
  • Meet with college reps.  College rep visits are now virtural and you can sign up in Naviance.
  • Begin to prepare a resume in Naviance. You should finalize this during the fall of your senior year. You will need it for letters of recommendation and to help fill out college applications. 
  • If you are considering a highly selective school, check to see if SAT II's scores are required. SAT II's are one hour tests taken at a SAT test center. Usually, schools like to see three SAT II's- Math, and two of your choice.