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Welcome to Canaan Middle School Library!

The Canaan Middle School library has close to 13,000 cataloged items, which includes over 5,000 fiction books, 2,500 nonfiction books and 300 magazines.

Mrs. Conley

Online Catalog:

Access the online catalog to see what's available in the library (click on the apple).
School Online Catalogs (MultiLIS)

Your Account From CAT:

By logging into your account, you'll see what books you have checked out.

To log in, you'll need two pieces of information, ALTERNATE ID and PIN:

1. The ALTERNATE ID is your 5 or 6 digit id number. This is the same as the password when logging into the school computers and is also the same as your lunch number.

2. Your library PIN. Your library PIN is your birth date in the format of MMDD. For example, enter 0306 if your birth date is March 6th.

Access your account by clicking on

School Online Catalogs (MultiLIS)

Scholastic Book Wizard:

Look up books and their levels using the Scholastic Book Wizard (click on the box below).