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Monroe Staff

Monroe Elementary Teaching Staff

Contact information for every staff member is located in the district staff directory, which can be found at this link:  Jonathan Alder Staff Directory 
Ms. Erin Priday
Mrs. Megan Cain
Miss Lyda Bogdanovitch

First Grade
Mrs. Michelle Cumston
Ms. Lexus Wolf
Mrs. Leah Yutzy

Second Grade
Ms. Skylar Miller
Mrs. Tracie House
Third Grade
Mrs. Claire McCray
Mrs. Kelly Newman
Fourth Grade
Ms. Rachael Crespo
Mrs. Janet Johnston

Mrs. Bryce Swartz -- Title 1 Reading
Mrs. Laura Hipp -- Title 1 Math
Mrs. Lisa Weber- Intervention Specialist
Mrs. Stacey Sayer -  Intervention Specialist
Ms. Betha Maust - English Language Learning Specialist
Mrs. Angie Dickman - Gifted Intervention Specialist 
Cross Categorical Disability Unit
Ms. Terra McDaniels

Related Arts
Mr. Jason Polston- Art/Technology
Mr. Bryson Tarbet - Music
Mr. Cris Janda - Physical Education 

Educational Support Staff

Building Principal
Mrs. Julie Paige
Building Secretary
Mrs. Cindy Vaughn
Ms. Allie Allen
Social Worker

School Psychologist

Mrs. Bea Cameron - Librarian
Mrs. Kim Hostetler - Multiple Handicap Unit Aide 
Mrs. Jessica Trimble - Preschool Aide

Nursing Staff
Mrs. Wendy Roberts, Nursing Aide
Mrs. Leslie Robinson, Speech and Language Pathologist
Ms. Kim Barrett, Occupational Therapist
Ms. Chasity Gregorek, Adaptive Physical Education


Classified Staff

Cafeteria Staff
Mrs. Rhonda Ary
Ms. Brenda Sullivan
Custodial Staff
Mrs. Diana Putney
Ms. Merilee Greenbaum
Bus Drivers
Cindy Miller
Sandy Davis
Patty Miller
Tammy Robinson 
Becky Headings
Linda Honaker
Pete Lotter
Sarah Swank