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Plain City Staff

Contact information for every staff member is located in the district staff directory, which can be found at this link:  Jonathan Alder Staff Directory

Building Principal
Mrs. Liz Weingard
Assistant Principal
Mrs. Kathy Savage
Mrs. Jennifer Bailey
Mrs. Bethany Beachy 
Mrs. Rene Cramer
Ms. Molly Hopson
Mrs. Megan McGee
Mrs. Beth Randall
Mrs. Alissa Wilson
First Grade
Ms. Mallory Brooks
Mrs. Heidi Franko
Mrs. Alexis Gruelich
Mrs. Stacey Litton
Mrs. Tina Opatt
Ms. Jessica Shank
Second Grade
Mrs. Heather Colvin
Ms. Heather Geyer 
Mrs. Donna McBride
Mrs. Wendi Mitchell
Ms. Charlotte Palmer
Third Grade
Mrs. Amy Baker
Mrs. Karen Dietry 
Mrs. Shannon Eckman
Mrs. Brittany Komer
Ms. Elizabeth MacDowell
Mr. Steve Wilson
Fourth Grade
Mrs. Erica Brown
Mrs. Melissa Creps
Mrs. Kim Klenowski
Mrs. Maggie Lombardi
Mrs. Jen Storts
Mrs. Mandy Craig - Math Intervention 
Mrs. Angie Dickman - Gifted Intervention Specialist  
Mrs. Emily Everhart - Intervention Specialist
Mrs. Erin Hostetler - Intervention Specialist 
Ms. Lindsey House - Intervention Specialist
Mrs. Libby Krummrey - Reading Intervention
Mrs. Molly Ruth - Reading Intervention
Mrs. Mary Sims - Intervention Specialist

Related Arts
Ms. Janel Luker - Art
Mrs. Cheryl Manbeck - Music
Mr. Mike Baird - Physical Education 
Mrs. Erin Farmwald - Physical Education 
Mrs. Janet Yates - Library Paraprofessional 

Educational Support Staff

Building Secretary
Mrs. Linda Thompson
School Counselor
Mrs. Beth Woods
Social Worker
Mrs. Sarah Wiechman [email protected]

Nursing Staff
Mrs. Tina Rutherford- School Nurse
Ms. Rose Brenner - Nursing Aide
Mrs. Julie Fogt, Speech and Language Pathologist
Mrs. Kim Barrett, Occupational Therapist
Ms. Chasity Gregorek, Adaptive Physical Education

Classified Staff

Mrs. Tonia Siefer-Campbell
Custodial Staff
Mrs. Deb Carter 
Ms. Payton Smith
Bus Drivers
Misty Albanese
Melody Beachy
Ken Chafins
Deanna Griffith 
James Haggy
Linda Honaker
Joy Kise
Jada Kitchen
Peter Lotter
Carol Lovejoy
Joanna Mueller