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School District Income Tax

When filling out tax forms for your employer you will need to know that Jonathan Alder's School District Number is 4902

JA has an earned income tax.  An "earned income" school district is any school district whose voters have approved a school district income tax that applies only to earned income, such as wages and self-employment earnings, to include earnings from partnerships. The "earned income" school district income tax excludes interest, dividends, capital gains, pensions, rental income, lottery winnings, and income earned by estates per the Department of Taxation's FAQ's section.  Common School District Income Tax questions are answered on their page.  Choose School District General and expand the question that applies to you.

Tax forms for filing.  This link will take you to the Ohio Department of Taxation's website where you can change the drop down to School District Income Tax and then choose the year you need tax forms and instructions for.

Ohio Department of Taxation 1-800-282-1780