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Seniors Should Know...

As a Senior, you should:
  • Make sure your senior year is rigorous and that your grades improve or remain consistent. Colleges scrutinize your load and compare grades from senior year to junior year.
  • Visit the colleges you are still interested in. Try to visit them when classes are in session and sit in on a class. Visit the department of the major you are interested in. These things may help you make your college choice.
  • Take the ACTand/or SAT one more time in the fall- if you need to.
  • Continue to participate in extracurricular and volunteer activities. Demonstrate initiative, creativity, commitment and leadership. Colleges, the military, and employers look for these qualities.
  • Apply to 3-5 schools by Halloween. If you don't apply by Halloween make sure you know the application deadline for the college(s) of your choice.
  • All male students must register for selective service on their eighteenth birthday to be eligible for federal and state financial aid.
  • Obtain an ID for the FAFSA for you and one for one of your parents will need one too.  
  • Complete the FAFSA ASAP after tafter October 1. Make sure you know the FAFSA deadline for the college(s) you have applied to. It is different from the application deadline for most colleges and universities.  The sooner you complete your FAFSA the sooner colleges/universities can put together a financial aid package for you.  
  • You must decide what college you plan to attend by May 1 of your senior year. If a deposit is required before you have made a final decision, if possible pay it and request for it back in writing before May 1 if you don't plan to attend that particular institution. After May 1, your deposit is lost.
  • Fill out your final transcript request in Naviance before May 5.
  • Naviance/Common App Presentation