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Strategic Planning Committee

The Master Planning process measures the future needs of the district, taking into account increasing enrollment, the current state of facilities and anticipating problems before they actually happen. By taking a proactive approach instead of a reactive one, the Master Planning process shows how a school district will direct growth, be good stewards of financial resources, and be prepared for potentially unforeseen dynamics, while maintaining transparency with our community.

As both education and our district move to the future, we know that to be successful, a school’s facilities must support change in education with flexible, technology-rich learning environments that can be reconfigured to stay relevant. A master plan helps you identify how your facilities should improve and adapt to stay on the cutting edge.

The most successful master plans are drafted with full input from the community, we are excited to engage all stakeholders in planning for the future of Jonathan Alder, we hope it serves as a unifying process that brings the community together and builds support for our generations of students.

Jonathan Alder Strategic Planning Committee Members:

The Plain City Development Story Map provides a comprehensive visual tool outlining the growth that is occuring in our district, centrally in the Village of Plain City. Each of the eight current developments are highlighted with their respective details.
 - Darby Fields
 - Darby Station
 - Jefferson Village
 - Madison Meadows (Phase I and II)
 - Oak Grove
 - The Run at Hofbauer Preserve
 - The Hamlet on Darby

Jonathan Alder Strategic Planning Committee Master Planning - Thresholds Process:
The Master Planning process is designed to create solutions to the impact of increased student enrollment. The process defines population levels that once reached, require operational and facility changes in order to maintain or improve the quality of education and learning environments.

The development of solutions will use input from educators,administrators, community members and community partners to realize driving factors and financial impacts. The central effort is to make PROACTIVE planning decisions as opposed to being forced into REACTIVE decisions.

Do you have thoughts or ideas to share, we welcome community input?
Please email the Strategic Planning Committee HERE