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Superintendent's Message

Jonathan Alder Local School District Superintendent Message 2022-2023

To Jonathan Alder Students and Families:

On Sunday, May 28th, at 2pm, Jonathan Alder held its Commencement Ceremony for the Graduating Class of 2023.  It was an honor and privilege to certify the Graduates of Jonathan Alder High School.  I thank our high school administrative team, counselors and faculty for preparing our graduates for life beyond high school.

I want to Congratulate and Thank all of our Graduates for an outstanding school year. You made us Proud. Congratulations to our Salutatorians, Kylee Phillips & Gracee Myers and Valedictorians, Sophia Eicher, Katelyn Kerr, Miabelle Lopresti, Cecelia Powers, Katrina Riegel, Phillip Scott, Avery Wynk and Hannah Yates.  Well Done!  Impressive Finish!

We have so much to be thankful for and my heart is filled with gratitude as the school year comes to an end.  I encourage all students and families to take advantage of their summer break, spend family time TOGETHER and do the little things that bring you joy.   

The Jonathan Alder Strategic Planning Committee is very much focused on area growth and the vision for our future.  The 25 committee representatives reconvened earlier this month in collaboration with the Village of Plain City Administration.  The focus was on understanding and deciphering the difference between future residential development and how that impacts district enrollment.  Cooperative Strategies LLC, experts in area growth/development and enrollment division, have partnered with the district to provide guidance and data.  The Strategic Planning Committee will use this information provided by Cooperative Strategies to make recommendations to the school board regarding facility master planning.  Our district is taking a proactive approach to this matter and will be prepared for the future.  

Steed Hammond & Paul, the Architects, Designers and Engineer Company, hired by the School Board, provides guidance to the district in order to make sound decisions throughout the process.  It is by design that the Strategic Planning Committee will effectively assist and make recommendations to the School Board so that each decision made with regards to future and facility planning will positively impact and influence all students, staff and community.  I am excited about what the future holds for our district and trust in the committee work and the decisions of the school board to always be in the best interest of everyone impacted.  All the work being done is directly aligned with our district One Word, TOGETHER.  Together we will strive to provide the opportunity, flexibility and accessibility our students need to achieve, compete and succeed.

Our office is open all summer and you can contact me by email or office phone with any questions, or needed support leading up to the 2023-2024 school year.

In Gratitude,

James Miller Ed.D. 


Jonathan Alder Local School District 

. . . striving to provide the opportunity, flexibility and accessibility our students need to achieve, compete and succeed.