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Voluntary Transfer

Voluntary Transfer

The Jonathan Alder Board of Education believes students should attend the school of their choice within district boundaries.  If class size and space allows and racial balance is not negatively impacted in either school, the Board of Education will accept applications for the Voluntary Transfer Program within the guidelines established in this policy.       

The Voluntary Transfer Program is a full year program offered by the Board of Education.   Application for the program must be made annually with the understanding that requests will only be considered if received within the timelines specified in this policy.  If the request is approved, the student must remain in the requested school for the entire year and there is no guarantee that he/she will be allowed to attend the same building the following year.  No mid-year requests will be considered or movement between buildings allowed once the year has begun.


Policy 5113.01

For the complete policy on Voluntary Tranfer, click on this link and go to Policy 5113.01