September 15

Full-Time In-Person Education Plans

We are thankful for everyone’s efforts to follow the health and safety protocols these first few weeks of school. As long as we remain diligent and the status of the virus in the community does not drastically change, we find it necessary and reasonable to begin planning for a transition to Pathway 1A-Traditional In-Person Education.

In keeping the health and safety of our students and staff as our top priority, our administrative team continues to evaluate and monitor the many components of the Decision Framework.   We adapt and adjust our logistical and instructional plans as needed according to the uniqueness and capacity of each building and recognize the various challenges and differences across our district.

We have been able to use the past month to verify our building and classroom enrollments and as a result are able to identify areas of logistical and space concerns in all of our schools.  As discussed at last night’s board meeting, we are currently refining our plans and preparing our buildings to accommodate for social distance requirements through additional physical barriers and student dividers where necessary in our classrooms.

Due to the educational,  social-emotional, and developmental needs of all our students combined with revised building and class rosters, we are planning for our K-4th grade students in both Monroe and Plain City Elementary Schools to return to full-time in-person education beginning Monday, September 28.  

Wednesday, September 30 will be designated as a Professional Development Day for the district.  This will  allow our elementary teachers and staff to refine and adjust schedules, bus routes, class, and lunch procedures as necessary.  All K-4 students would return to school on Thursday and Friday of the same week. All 5-12 grade students will not have online school that day as their teachers will also be participating in professional development and be preparing for their full-time return.

In addition, we have identified Monday, October 12 as the anticipated return date for our 9-12 grade students at Jonathan Alder High School.  Many of our high school students are either attending online College Credit Plus classes or Tolles full-time which reduces our daily in-person attendance by approximately 20%.  In addition, due to the size of the building, larger classrooms, cafeteria, and hallways we have the ability to effectively manage and maintain social distancing combined with adjustments to logistics and implementation of physical barriers and/or student dividers.  

Our greatest logistical challenges in planning are for students in grades 5-8.  Canaan Middle School and Jonathan Alder Junior High School have the largest class rosters and are therefore more limited on space requiring greater accommodations.  We anticipate that they will be able to return towards the end of the first quarter (October 23) but are still working to finalize a date in coordination with local health officials.  

Please know that we are working to ensure that all students return safely and can hopefully remain in school.  Your support and cooperation in adhering to the health and safety protocols are essential to a transition to full-time.

To review our Decision Framework, Safety Plans or documents from the Health Department please visit our website.  Jonathan Alder’s COVID-19 Dashboard is linked here and on the website, as well.

All of our plans are subject to change based on evolving conditions, data about the status of the pandemic, and updates, guidance and orders received from public health and government officials.

Message from Jonathan Alder Local Schools
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