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The transportation department would like to welcome our families to the 2023-24 school year. We are excited to greet all of our students and are in the process of rolling out our new transportation communication tool, Transfinder, which will be done in stages.

While we transition to Transfinder, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our department.

Misti Graber, Transportation Coordinator

Mark Fenik, Operations Director

We have a high level of caring among the drivers and your child becomes "one of their own" when it comes to safety, protecting and caring for each and every child.  Take a moment to get to know your child's bus driver.

From time to time during the school year parents may need to contact one of our bus drivers in case of an emergency during the time our buses are on the road. For safety reasons Ohio Law prohibits our bus drivers from using a cell phone while driving the bus. Your first step in case of an emergency would be to contact your child's building secretary. If you cannot reach the building secretary you would then call our central office at (614) 873-5621. 

Day Care Stop
If you are thinking about a daycare stop, the stop must be on a current bus route and the bus must have the capacity to accommodate your child. Please talk with the Transportation director or clerk if you have questions about a sitter you are considering.

Transportation to a Non-Public School
If your child attends a non-public school you may request for transportation to be provided.  This will be evaluated for practicality and eligibility. 

You may also request an in-lieu-of payment for transporting them yourself if the school is less than 30 minutes away.  Click here for the request form.


Crossing the Street 
Parents, please talk to your children about the proper way to cross the street with a traffic light. The student drop-off in the afternoon at the old Plain City Elementary is an area where we need the most help as students cross the street against the light causing traffic to have to stop for them. This is a very safety sensitive matter as not all motorists will stop for the students when the light is green for them to proceed.

Plain City Elementary
Parents are not to drop students off in the bus loading area at the Old Plain City Elementary from 7:00AM to 7:30AM.  Drop-off is at the side of the building or at the library.  Under no circumstances are parents allowed to drop off on the street. We are working with the village to have the signs changed to mark the area in front of the old elementary as a "NO DROP-OFF ZONE". 

High School 
Parents are not permitted to drop-off or pick-up students behind the High School.  Student drop-off and pick-up is in front of the High School only.  Parents should not be driving behind the High School.  Just before the start and the end of the school day a lot of transition takes place behind the school and taking the parent drop-off and pick-up out of this area is a must for all student's safety.

Siblings of high school students who do not attend the high school are not permitted to get on or off the bus at the high school in order to ride with the student driver. If parents wish for their high school student to transport younger siblings they must transport to or from the building of attendance. Parents are not permitted to drop off or pick up students who do not attend the high school at the high school. 

Mission Statement

The Jonathan Alder Transportation Staff strives to make the bus ride for all of our students as safe and pleasant as possible.  We operate within the State Laws, Rules, Regulations and District policies to maintain such a high level of safety for our students


Overall, we would like to stabilize our workforce. In order to do this, we need more drivers. If you or someone you know is interested in joining our team as a bus driver, please feel free to contact Misti Graber: at (614) 873-4635 x8424. 

Requirements to be a driver for a school district are:

  • A driver needs a CDL-B license with passenger endorsement.  The process to acquire this license includes these steps:

    • The driver in training must study for and take a written test at the DMV. After passing this test, the driver will be given a temporary license. Then they call JA transportation.

    • The driver must have at least 12 hours of training with a certified bus instructor. (We have two at Jonathan Alder.) On average, training usually takes approximately 20-30 hours for a new driver.  We work around each individual’s schedule, therefore, expect the process to take a few months. 

    • A driver must also attend preservice classes. These classes last for four or five days; each class is about four hours.

    • Drivers must pass a driving test at a state facility using one of our buses (a JA trainer will drive you to the location.) FYI - There is a statewide shortage of testers at these limited facilities. It usually takes a few months before we can get the appointment scheduled. We will make the appointment for you.

  • Also required is a pre-employment drug screening, background check, and physical.

Additionally, potential drivers must pay for their classes. However, after a driver has driven for 90 days with Jonathan Alder LSD, Jonathan Alder will reimburse the individual.  

We know the process is long and involved. However, when our drivers finish, they are prepared and qualified to drive with the high standards we expect.  


Currently, we are analyzing all aspects of our department.  We appreciate your continued assistance and will strive to build a stronger department. Areas we plan to focus on include:

  • Personnel

  • Routing

  • Dispatch Capabilities

  • Communications

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Misti Graber
Transportation Coordinator
614-873-4635 ext. 8424

Mark Fenik
Director of Operations

In-Lieu-of Transportation Form

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