Gifted Education

Referrals for Acceleration

A parent or teacher may refer a student for evaluation or the student may self-refer for evaluation for Gifted Services at any time during the school year. However, referrals for Single-Subject Acceleration and Whole-Grade Acceleration must be made:

  • Prior to June 1 for the upcoming school year

  • Any student who has already taken a 'high' ELA grade course does not need to request acceleration again. The student will automatically be enrolled in the next ELA course.

Gifted Referral Form - At this time, the district provides Gifted Services for students who have been identified as Superior Cognitive and are currently in grades 3-8, and students who are identified as gifted readers and meet the criteria to be served in our gifted reading clusters.  If you would like to refer a child, please complete this form.

Gifted Services at JA

Mrs. Angie Dickman has been the gifted intervention specialist for Jonathan Alder since the 2017-18 school year.  Mrs. Dickman previously taught reading and language arts at Canaan Middle School.  Mrs. Dickman provides gifted services to students at Plain City, Monroe, and Canaan.

Ohio recently revised the state operating standards for educating gifted students.  Jonathan Alder Local Schools goes above and beyond the minimum requirements for educating gifted students.  To review the new gifted operating standards, click here

At this time, the district provides a variety of services for students who have been evaluated and identified as gifted:

  • Cluster Services for gifted readers in an inclusion classroom for grades 3-6

  • Cluster Services for gifted readers in an advanced ELA class grades 7-8

  • Cluster Services for math in an advanced math class grades 7-8

  • Superior Cognitive small group sessions weekly grades 3-8

  • Single-Subject Acceleration

  • Whole-Grade Acceleration

For more information, please contact:
Angie Dickman, Gifted Coordinator