Enrollment Center

Centralized Enrollment

Welcome to the Jonathan Alder Family! We are very pleased that you have chosen to enroll your student in Jonathan Alder Local Schools. For Traditional In-District Enrollment, please read through the guidelines listed below, you will then be directed to Final Forms to begin the enrollment process. Once you have completed the process, please allow two (2) business days before contacting the central office as the information submitted will be under review. Please read the following instructions entirely.

KINDERGARTEN FAMILIES: Additional information is needed for kindergarten registration.  Please click on the Kindergarten Enrollment link to see all further requirements. 

CURRENT STUDENTS: If you are a current resident living in the Jonathan Alder School District, you DO NOT need to re-enroll your student for the upcoming school year. 

FORMER STUDENTS: If you are a former student that is returning to Jonathan Alder, please contact Ashley Rodgers for assistance with accessing and/or reactivating your Final Forms account. Please send the student's name, incoming grade, address and date of birth.

FUTURE STUDENTS: If you are a future student looking to enroll for the next school year (excluding kindergarten), please wait to start the registration process until June 1st. 

*You must be the custodial parent/legal guardian to enroll a student.

If your family is currently residing within the Jonathan Alder Local School District, please continue to the enrollment steps below.  If your family is moving into the district, please read the following information. 

  • If you will be renting/leasing, you may only enroll your student on or after the date that the lease begins. 

  • If you are building/purchasing a house, you will need to submit a purchase contract/building form and a purchase contract/building agreement that is dated no more than 90 days from the date of enrollment to establish residency.